The SlimFast Diet And Does It Work?

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The SlimFast diet has changed over many years but it still delivers the necessary objective:- weight reduction. It used to be all about the shakes but nowadays the plan has expanded to include various snacks, replacement meals and even a daily ‘sensible’ meal.

The diet is intended for moderately obese people and above. Your BMI will be 25 and over for you to really get the benefit from this diet.

To help with support, there is a SlimFast Challenge Facebook group. This provides the user with a network of people aiming to achieve the same ends. It is effective at reinforcing the use of the diet.

What Is The Diet ?

The basis of the diet is to restrict calorie intake to 1,200 calories every day. The plan works on three snacks every day which are drawn form a large list that includes crisps and chocolate. There may be a couple of meal-replacement shakes or bars added as part of the diet. A regular meal is chosen from a list of recipes which are described very well on the SlimFast diet web-site.

A typical three snack offer will be a pear, a half banana and a SlimFast 100-calorie snack. There is a sex difference in the calorie content – men can have 400 extra calories every day. This is obtained by doubling the number of shakes or adding mini meals during the day.

The diet can be followed as long as necessary but it does mean that a weight loss goal needs to be followed. Once the desired weight is achieved the SlimFast plan recommends sticking to a meal-replacement shake per day, having two low-fat snacks and 2 healthy meals. the weight loss plan is less dramatic than some such as the Rosemary Conley diet because you are meant to shed up to just 2 pounds of weight a week.

Generally, the most effective part of the diet plan is the meal-replacement. Based on anecdotal evidence this diet is enjoyed by those who prefer the ready made meal element. Convenience, well-structured and not restrictive on food choice which is perhaps unusual. They do suggest the diet should focus on fruit and vegetables with lean protein thrown in.

The Slimfast Brand

Glanbia, which is a large Irish protein nutrition firm now own and run the brand. The company has a strong tradition in protein supplements and having such a big name brand undoubtedly helps with marketing of their dairy foods. 

Views From Users On The Meal Replacement Products

Not everyone enjoys the meal replacement products ! A number of reviewers of products think the replacement meals are obnoxious but this shouldn’t be taken as read. However most people manage to stick to the diet without being too restrictive on the food eaten. The other issue seems to be an absence of knowledge acquired about the person’s eating habits. The meal replacement diet is followed avidly by adopters but once it is finished then weight can be put easily back on. Careful planning and understanding of nutrition is key to this diet’s success.

The online support according to users is great and a trawl of media articles always flags up how so many well known people are following plan. Apparently it fits with their hectic, around the world lifestyle. I can only assume they plan by taking the meal replacement products with them although many say they can easily be obtained globally.

Celebrity endorsement has always been a key part of a diet campaign especially now with social media creating such a storm. Slimfast are no stranger to controversy. They have produced foods which allow the dieter to follow what is essentially a keto diet. Whilst they also advocate exercise they are very strong promoters of their own-label foods. 

One product that has come to the fore is the fat bomb which is a very popular keto snack. It is high in fat because it is made from grass-fed cow’s butter, coconut oil and nut butter which is all combined with nuts, dried fruit and unsweetened chocolate. Whilst they meet the keto diet requirements there is no fibre so in its own right will not be particularly filling.

Fiber is ideal for satiety (being made to feel full) and for minimising the blood sugar spikes that occur with sugar rushes. It is probably better to take a fat bomb as a treat rather than consume them regularly.

SlimFast And The Keto Diet

In 2019, the brand began to offer foods in the keto category. That means there is a shift in emphasis but a widening and an improvement in the possibilities.

The strapline at the moment for these foods is ‘Optimal Low-Carb Ketogenic Nutrition’. They all appear to be gluten-free, free from artificial sweeteners, artificial flavours an colours’. 

The main foods on offer include the following:-

  • Fat bombs: These are peanut butter cup flavored and come with no added sugar and coconut oil MCTs (medium chain triglycerides).
  • A meal bar: The bars are titles “Whipped Peanut Butter Chocolate”-flavoured and feature whey protein, along with coconut oil MCTs.
  • A meal shake: The shake comes in a creamy milk chocolate flavor, and features pure MCT oil.

All the major retailers like Amazon and Walmart are stocking them online and in the grocery store.

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  1. The Slim fast approach is a good one from my point of view. I had a look online at the shakes for the diabetics which I was really pleased to see did not raise the blood sugar levels too much. When I tried them they were working fine. My only issue is the high carb content.

    My other issue is that it loosens me up so I create a lot of wind pops and that is sometimes too smelly in bed but I guess there some downsides. The shakes do taste good and I think it is a good way to lose weight really quiickly if you are looking to tone up in a month.

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