The Rosemary Conley Diet

The Rosemary Conley diet may not just rely on an apple in the hand. The person is wearing a white t-shirt. The woman has a very nice manicured set of fingers.

The Rosemary Conley diet must be one of the most well known and established diets. Rather like those from Slimming World and WeightWatchers it is a diet plan which looks at long-term weight loss. The plan however is different because it also deals with regular periodic exercise. It is not a fad diet either because the program has legs.

The objective is to lose 14lbs every 7 weeks and to encourage lifestyle changes. How long is spent on the plan depends on what your goal is in weight loss.

The diet plan includes a number of recipes which fit with the overall weight loss plan. 

The dieter is encouraged to consume foods with 5 per cent or less fat save for porridge oats, lean meat and oily fish. To ensure compliance and improve  continued adherence to the diet, there is an online web-site which covers cooking, various pieces of medical, nutritional and psychological advice and exercises for all fitness levels. Coaches also offer support and motivation.

One of the main benefits is the idea of physical activity as part of the plan. 

The BDA considers the diet and exercise plans to be balanced. There is always the issue that low-fat does not mean low carbohydrate when choosing ready meals. At least there is a the opportunity to check how much carb is in a dinner if it is prepared at home.

Perhaps more importantly, it offers advice on how to conduct a long-term management of weight. The web-site is probably one of the most valuable around because of what it says about nutrition, exercising and diet generally. We could all do with understanding what is important in maintaining a healthy weight and this one offers plenty of help. 

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