Grow Your Own Food!

Grow your own food
Image: Congerdesign – Pixabay

Taking the time to grow your own food has never been so popular.

We are all starting to recognise the positive impact gardening can have on both our physical and mental health, and there really is no better way to ensure that you have a healthy diet. So why wouldn’t you give it a go?

Whether you have a few pots, a small back yard, or a large garden, everyone can grow their own food.

We look at how to grow your own using simple guides and examining the methods and techniques needed for success. You can buy seeds through our site, all produced by top quality UK seeds providers, and the right tools for the job. We want to ensure that your gardening projects get off to a flying start. 

Grow Your Own: Vegetables

Image: Mark Valencia – Pixabay

Whether you are vegan, vegetarian or a full blooded carnivore, vegetables will be a major part of all your meals.

Garden-fresh vegetables are packed full of healthy nutrients. The fresher they are, the better they are in this regard. Shop bought veg simply can’t compete with home grown!

For those looking to develop their skills, we provide simple guides to help you grow a wider range of vegetables. We also give you the chance to purchase vegetable seeds which we have hand picked for success:

Feeling inspired or looking for a great gift for an aspiring gardener? Why not try a seed sack from Scott & Co, one of the top suppliers in the United Kingdom. These contain 30 different varieties of seeds and all the other bits of kit you need to get started.

If you want to try more exotic vegetables, why not try yacon or okra. 

Grow Your Own: Fruit

Image: Shamefaced – Pixabay

Because of their naturals sweetness, kids are often willing to eat more fruit than veg. Give them a chance to grow and pick their own, and there is no stopping them!

Most fruits are naturally low in fat and sodium, and are great sources of essential micro-nutrients such as  potassium, vitamin C, and folic acid. The fresher the fruit, the more concentrated many of these micro-nutrients, so home grown will always win in the health stakes!

We provide simple guides to help you grow a wider range of fruits:

Grow Your Own: Herbs

growing herbs
Image: OlgaofDG -Pixabay

Herbs were celebrated for their medicinal properties, well before they were used in cooking.

Scientific research has now shown that many common herbs such as sage, rosemary and peppermint do indeed have remarkable health benefits.

Growing fresh herbs could not be easier and incorporating them into your diet could not be better for you.

We provide simple guides to help you grow a wider range of herbs. We also give you the chance to purchase high quality seeds which we have hand picked to ensure successful propagation.


Grow Your Own: Pest Control

c/o Pixabay

There is nothing more depressing than carefully tending your crops only to have them damaged or eaten by insect pests.

Once you have identified the troublemakers, you can control them with an assortment of organic pest-control products, or safe chemical pesticides

We consider a wide range of methods for dealing with these unwanted pests, and suggests ways of controlling the troublemakers for all gardeners.


Grow Your Own: Garden Equipment 

garden tools
Image: HOerwin56 – Pixabay

When you grow your own food, having the right equipment for the job really does matter. 

It may be more expensive in the short term, but good quality equipment handles and performs better. It reduces your workload and ensures that your plants stay in the peak of good health by reducing disease and limiting pest damage.

Healthy plants are productive plants, so investing in good quality equipment definitely makes sense. 

We recommend a range of top quality garden equipment, from essentials to a wide range of optional extras. 


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