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The food and drink we consume can have a big effect on our health and quality of life. Most of us understand the importance of eating healthily and have a basic sense of what this means, but frequently changing ‘diet trends’ and conflicting information in the media can cause confusion.


At FoodWrite Ltd we aim to give you the knowledge you need to make informed choices about the best food and drink to include in your diet. We constantly review the latest in nutrition science so that we are able to give you an up to date understanding of the food and drink to include, or exclude from your diet.

Our articles cover a wide variety of categories:

Food and Drink: Health Benefits

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Research continues to show that a good diet can improve many aspects of our lives. For example eating healthily can improve our brain function. It can significantly reduce our chances of developing serious disease such as cancer, diabetes or heart disease. It can improve our performance when we participate in sports or other physical activity. Our wide range of articles in this area will keep you up to date with the latest science and ideas.


Food and Drink: The Importance of Macro-nutrients

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The three macro-nutrients are fats, proteins and carbohydrates. These will always be needed in relatively large amounts in our diets, but how much of each of these macro-nutrients you should consume depends on your lifestyle and particular goals. The type and source of the fat, carbohydrate and protein you eat is also important. Our wide range of articles in this area will keep you up to date with the latest science and ideas and help you make informed choices.


Food and Drink: The Importance of Micro-nutrients

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Micro-nutrients are important vitamins and minerals that are required in the diet in small quantities. They are almost all essential nutrients, meaning that they must be included in our diet in order for us to survive. Our wide range of articles look at the most significant micro-nutrients. Minerals such as Magnesium, Iron, calcium and potassium. All the vitamins from vitamin A through to vitamin K. Our wide range of articles in this area will keep you up to date with the latest science and ideas and help you make informed choices.


Food and Drink: What to Avoid

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Unless you have a food allergy, no food or drink is strictly off limits. However, there are a number of foods which it might be wise to limit because they can increase the risk of certain diseases. Examples are trans fats, refined carbohydrates, high salt foods, processed low fat products and high sugar products. Our wide range of articles in this area will keep you up to date with the latest science and ideas and help you make informed choices.


Food and Drink: Are There Any Shortcuts to a Healthier Diet?

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There are many who argue that cooking food from scratch will always be the healthiest alternative.

At FoodWrite Ltd we would certainly support this idea. We have written lots of articles to help you grow your own food and have a great selection of healthy recipes to help you make your own food.

However, many of us live very busy lives and so we need convenient healthy alternatives which are made from good quality ingredients.


Our extensive knowledge of the food industry enables us to assess the quality of the huge range of products on offer. Our shop showcases a wide range of brands and products which we recommend as convenient healthy alternatives. 

  • Breakfast bars: 9Bar, Clif Bar (nutrition and energy bars) and Nakd (Nut & Seed Bars)
  • Breakfast cereals: Made with high quality ingredients. We recommend Alara,  Dorset Cereals
  • Coffee Pods: Tassimo & Nescafe Brands. Coffee pods are a great way to make good quality coffee quickly. We recommend three brands; Tassimo, Nescafe Brands and Nespresso to which should be looked at seriously. 
  • Herbal Teas:  Pukka is a leading UK supplier of herbal teas with acclaimed quality in flavour and dwells heavily on the Ayurvedic approach. A highly ethical business which sources its ingredients from organic sources.


If you are more interested in the science and technology behind the products then you will find a series of posts and article that discuss particular aspects. We also provide reviews on particular foods and beverages with a view to comparing the qualities of these products.


This page will take you to other pages which contain links to affiliate marketing partners. Please make sure you read the affiliate disclosure.

While every care has been taken to ensure this information is correct, grocery products with the affiliate marketing partners are regularly being improved and nutritional content may change. We would therefore always recommend that you do not rely solely on this information and check products’ labels.

The images prepared by the affiliates are prepared for illustration and information purposes only. On occasion, the packaging may differ from that shown.

Nutritional and Guideline Daily Amounts (GDAs) information are based on the typical composition of the product. Guideline daily amounts are those for a typical adult (men and women).

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  1. Thank you for an excellent website.
    Pukka herbal teas are good but unfortunately most are sweetened with liquorice root. Although the amounts in the teas are small liquorice is contraindicated in people suffering from an irregular heart rhythm or high blood pressure. So no go for our family.
    As for coffee, 1kg Lavazza Oro makes 110 cups of espresso at about 14p/ cup so a third of the price of Nespresso. OK you need a machine and a grinder (but at 2 doubles a day you’ve saved enough over 2 years to buy both).
    But it tastes like real coffee!!

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