Market, Product And Technology Analysis

FoodWrite Ltd can help you assess technologies, products and markets to support your growth strategies. Our analyses help to inform you on critical business and investment decisions. It means you can understand the market potential for new products, businesses and technologies.      

The selection of case studies in market/consumer research below, are examples of projects conducted by FoodWrite Ltd. If there is something in these case studies which would help you pursue or resolve your objectives, please contact FoodWrite. The clients cannot be identified but have given permission for the subject matter to be identified in the generic format.

Case Studies

Case Study – Nutrients from South American Tropical Fruits (no. 8C92)

What fruits could be available in the market place from South America ? This report told the client exactly what they needed to know about the various types, how much was available and how they might use them in product development.

Case Study – Supply Chains (no. 7R23)

Supply chains have elements of risk associated with them. Riskaware Ltd (Bristol, UK) wanted to understand what opportunities were open to them and this survey gave them just that. We offered a comprehensive examination on technology analysis enabling them to make business decisions.

Case Study -Tropical Fruit Processing for India (no. 2C91)

This large FMCG business that isn’t associated with food production wanted to establish a supply chain for various fruit grown in Southern India. This report gives them enough knowledge to make key business decisions about producing fruit based products and they supply now to the UK market.

Case Study- Leghaemoglobin (Year: 2018-2020)

Periodic assessment for a small start-up business in Portland, Oregon USA and a couple of ingredient suppliers on the use of leghemoglobin as a potential colouring agent for meatless (plant-based) burgers and other meat-like products. 

Case Study – Starch Chemistry (Year: 2020).

This USA FMCG business wanted advice on the behaviour of starch between different oat varieties. A model of the starch-lipid complex was used to explain differences in performance when various oats were used in porridge and bar products. A specification was drafted for oat varieties that would help the business with future purchasing decisions.

Case Study – Manufacturing Of Commodity Products (Year: 2020).

This USA FMCG business wanted a detailed view on the current and future manufacturing processes for pretzels, extruded dough and snack pieces, and coated dried fruits. The review included a commentary on all these aspects as well as equipment that was best in class, standard raw materials with specifications, and general operation of processing lines.

Current projects (2019-ongoing) include spinosad fermentation and purification, membrane processing, peanut butter processing, beverage emulsion technology, scale-up of manufacture for a beverage business.         

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