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Developing new ideas in technology, starting a new food and drink business or just reinvigorating products requires time and know-how. FoodWrite Ltd can help you with these processes. We have always been interested in technology and open innovation because we have an entrepreneurial approach. 

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Technology analysis takes many guises! Copyright: rawpixel / 123RF Stock Photo

The case studies illustrate some of the projects that have been undertaken in the last few years – there may be something on show which says I need some support!

Keeping up-to-date with technology, especially in the food and agriculture arena is vital for both product innovation and securing leadership in the marketplace. Knowing the technology trends enhances your competitive edge, makes investment planning more rigorous and your intellectual property more secure.

How Do We Help?

FoodWrite Ltd assesses research and technological ideas in the food and drink industry. We not only cover the positive aspects which will help drive your business forward but also the negatives ones that are likely to adversely affect your performance. Project assessment, patent analysis, scientific literature and market research reviews provide an up-to-date and complete picture of the trends and future position for a business. We work with businesses needing to know whether a piece of technology is suited to further development and expansion into other areas of industry.

Critical Questions:

What is the technology? How does it work?

How does it fit with your capabilities, your business plan, your R&D and product development?

What intellectual property and licenses exist?

What will success look like for you?

To discover more about our capabilities take a look at our three key areas of expertise on product development, market and technology analysis, and on regulatory affairs.

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