WeightWatchers Or WW Diet

The WeightWatchers Flex programme of WW diet is a well established diet which relies on the SmartPoints system. values are assigned to a series of food and beverages which are based on their carbohydrate, protein, fat and fibre contents.

The diet is calorie controlled. You work to a personal daily SmartPoints allowance and this is handle in what ever manner you fancy.

Fruit and vegetables have zero points so you can eat as much of these as you can manage. Exercise is a key feature and allows you to earn points. There are plenty of recipes too which are part of a healthy eating weight loss plan.

Weekly meetings and confidential weigh-ins reinforce adherence to the plan. It also also provides extra motivation and share support amongst those also on the same diet regime. The diet is designed for a loss of 2lb every week.

The great advantage of this diet system is that no food is banned. Stick to your allocated points allowance and all is fine. The SmartPoints system is flexible. It does not involve calorie counting which for many is more straightforward and is certainly less restrictive.

the web-site is very helpful and there is plenty of online support with mobile apps and barcode scanning to help shopping.

The general feeling with dieticians is that it is nutrititious and well-balanced. It is the one that allows for long-term changes in dietary habits. the support group is highly motivational and allows for set backs. Given exercise is part of the plan it is a surprise more people do not embark on it. 

One of the main issues is the swopping of a calorie counting system for a points based one. It is difficult to handle first time around. There is also a feeling that people may be pressurized into purchasing the WW branded foods. The points may be difficult to understand so that some foods are eaten to excess simply to obtain a defined number of points. All foods contribute to overall calorie intake. Even some zero-point foods are low in fat but contribute calories.

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