The Valencian Fideuà

Closeup of a spanish fideua, a typical noodles casserole with seafood, in a paella pan and aioli sauce in a yellow mortar on a rustic wooden table
The fideua, image by nito500, c/o

The Valencian Fideuà is the archetypal seafood dish that originally came from that fine coastal city of Valencia. It looks like a paella but instead of rice contains noodles. The favourite sort contains all sorts of fish and crustacea which are usually caught off the coast of Spain. The best sort contains monkfish, rockfish, squid and cuttlefish along with various shellfish such as shrimp, lobster and crayfish. Actually the crayfish infestation problem could be solved in part by incorporating it into this type of noodle dish.

The original idea for the fideuà comes from a gentleman known as Gabriel Rodriguez Pastor who lived and worked in the port district of Grau in Gandia. It is one of the key dishes to be prepared by any Spanish chef worth his or her cooking ability. 

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