Landscape view on the old town on the riverside of Douro river in Porto during the sunset in Portugal

What to eat in Porto

April 16, 2024 smitsa 0

Porto, a city nestled along the banks of the Douro River in Portugal, boasts a rich culinary heritage that reflects its vibrant history and diverse […]

kenya. The cuisine of Kenya.

The Cuisine of Kenya

March 13, 2024 smitsa 1

Kenyan cuisine is a vibrant and diverse mosaic that mirrors the country’s rich cultural heritage, blending indigenous traditions with influences from the Arab, Portuguese, and […]


Suhoor and Iftar

March 8, 2024 smitsa 1

During the month of Ramadan, Muslims around the world observe a period of fasting from dawn until sunset, which is one of the Five Pillars […]

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Beef Braciole

March 3, 2024 smitsa 2

Beef braciole, also known simply as braciole, is a traditional Italian dish consisting of thinly sliced beef rolled with a savory filling, then braised in […]

Chicken massaman with potato in white bowl on wooden table.

Preparing Chicken Massaman

February 8, 2024 smitsa 1

Chicken Massaman curry is a dish with deep cultural significance, originating from the southern region of Thailand but influenced by various cultures and historical trade […]

Cooked sliced open haggis and vegetables with mashed turnip, potato and fried onions on a rustic wood table with copy space

What is Haggis?

January 14, 2024 smitsa 0

Haggis is a savoury pudding that originally came from Scotland. Indeed, the best haggis is to be found there and is a mix of minced […]

Hot khachapuri with cheese and egg on wooden board

How to make Khachapuri

November 14, 2023 smitsa 0

Khachapuri is a traditional Georgian dish that consists of bread filled with cheese and often topped with an egg. There are several regional variations, and […]