Dolcelatte is the classic blue veined Italian soft cheese which rivals Gorgonzola in the cheese world. It is prepared from cow’s milk. The name is a literal translation of ‘sweet milk’. It is a trademarked cheese and is comparable to a soft stilton, Dolce Verde and torte gaudenzio cheese.

The cheese was originally developed by the Galbani Company which is now part of Groupe Lactalis in part for the UK market. It is slightly milder than its cousin Gorgonzola which is the more famous blue-veined cheese.

The cheese is produced as with all blue-veined cheeses. It is produced from the curd of one milking session. It is thus a harder cheese although the texture is relatively soft compared to a stilton for example. Maturing time is 2 or 3 months. The fat content of dolcelatte is higher than Gorgonzola at about 50%.

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