Lucuma Has Potential To Rival Stevia And Luo Han Guo Fruit

Lucuma fruits, some cut in half and sitting in a basket.
Lucuma fruits (eggfruits) produce a powder which is ideal as a sweetener. Copyright: thaithu707 / 123RF Stock Photo

Lucuma (Pouteria lucuma) is a subtropical fruit and has suitability as a natural sweetener for the product developer looking for alternatives to sugar. The dried powder  has been described as Incan Gold because of its colour and commercial potential. It has a slight butterscotch or toffee aroma and is developing a profile as a natural sweetener. The raw fruit comes from South America and like Monk Fruit in South-East Asia has medicinal properties. The Peruvians use the powder in an ice-cream mixes and other desserts where it has now superseded other flavours such as vanilla and strawberry .

Lucuma powder retains much of the benefits of the whole fruit and is composed of dietary fibre, beta-carotene, niacin, iron and other vitamins and minerals. The powder has a low glycaemic index and a distinctive sweetness which is not as potent as Monk fruit or Coconut Palm sugar. Lucuma powder also has a low-calorie content. In product development terms, the powder can also influence texture and consistency by imparting a thick, creamy texture when added to foods and makes a great base for ‘lucuma ice cream’. Sales of lucuma powder have jumped markedly in recent years especially amongst those seeking natural alternatives to sugar. The powder is available from Alara Wholefoods Ltd.

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