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The Artemisia Genus

January 21, 2022 smitsa 0

The genus Artemisia, small herbs and shrubs, is one of the largest and most widely distributed genera of the Compositae (or Asteraceae) family (Davies, 1982; […]

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Picrasma quassioides

January 20, 2022 smitsa 0

Picrasma quassioides  is a fine source of alkaloids, terpenoids and quassinoids. This sub-shrub is a member of the  Simaroubaceae family.  Most of the bioactives are alkaloids. […]

Gastrodia elata


January 11, 2022 smitsa 0

Gastrodia elata (G. elata Blume) is a perennial herb plant and belongs to the Gastrodia genus which is in the Orchidaceae family. The tubers are used as a […]


Black Barberry

January 10, 2022 smitsa 0

Black Barberry (Berberis integerrima) is a particularly rich source of many useful bioactive compounds such as anthocyanins, catechins, gallic acid, chlorogenic acid, caffeic acid, and […]

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Dragonhead – Benefits

August 9, 2021 smitsa 0

The Dragonhead plants are annuals in the Lamiaceae family and form the genus Dracocephalum. In herbal medicines, the plant leaves have been used like Lemon […]

Clitoria, Butterfly Pea

Butterfly Pea

April 27, 2021 smitsa 0

Butterfly pea (Clitoria ternatea) is a marvellous example of a natural blue produced by various anthocyanins. The petals have a striking vibrant blue colour. The […]

happy fit woman in sport clothes in the modern house eating chocolate raw protein bar.

Top Vegan Protein Bars

March 9, 2021 smitsa 0

Protein bars regularly receive an airing on this website because they are fuels for so many athletes or for those trying to build muscle. Now […]

Illustration about probiotics with soft pen on old paper

The Benefits Of Probiotics

February 24, 2021 smitsa 0

Overview Probiotics are globally important. They are probably the archetypal functional food/ What’s more, they have a number of beneficial effects on human health. This […]