Looking For Something Unusual: Try Sukang Paombong

Sukang Paombong
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Sukang Paombong is not your ordinary ingredient unless you visit the Philippines and need a fine vinegar for your cooking. It’s unique! 

The words ‘suka’ means vinegar whilst ‘paombong’ refers to a part of the Philippines where the Spanish arrived which was covered with bamboo. This bamboo was used as a container for fermenting this vinegar. The liquid used is coconut water which comes from the sap of the inflorescence of this palm.  The Philippines being what it is, is the ideal place for fermenting this type of condiment.

Some of the best sukang paombang comes from Bulacan which is located in northern Luzon. It is not that far from the capital Manila.

It is also called nipa sap vinegar and has an interesting aroma if not flavour. It’s also pale coloured too and can often be termed as sukang puti which means white vinegar.

Fermentation is achieved using Sacharomyces cerevisiae and some starter culture collected from older vinegar.

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