Umami Gyoza Dumplings

  • Umami Gyoza Dumplings are a new ready serve frozen product that provides a bit of the oriental when you just need it.

Gyoza dumplings might just be one of those elements of the Japanese dinner table that provides that extra bit of authenticity. Day-Lee Pride are a well established US brand of these famous dumplings or potstickers as they are also known. The offering brings a touch of high-class restaurant to the home dining table. A classic savoury ready meal, they are especially good when dipped into soy sauce or other condiment – I’ve tried them with French Dijon and English Mustard before now to get a real hit !

These Umami Gyoza Dumplings are a new launch in the savoury range from D-L P. The Umami sensory sensation or fifth taste sensation is one of the most interesting tastes to be found in cooking. It’s a flavour resulting from glutamate which is an amino-acid interacting with various taste receptors and creating what can only be described as a savoury tastiness. The science behind it is only just now being revealed.

These new dumplings come in three varieties: Chicken & Leek, Chicken & Shiitake and Pork & Leek and will accompany the existing set of Chicken, Sriracha Chicken, Beef, Pork, Shrimp and Vegetable – and their Karaage Chicken entrée. They do not use MSG (monosodium glutamate), trans fats, artificial colours or any preservatives in keeping with the cleaner food ingredients policy of the business.

Where should they be used ? Day-Lee Pride suggest they are best as a pre-dinner appetizer which makes perfect sense given many dumplings are served this way. Daytime or evening snacks, bolstering a soup by becoming a large crouton or having them as one the many dishes in a Japanese or eastern cusine evening makes sense.

Typical umami ingredients are found in these dumplings, like Kombu (edible kelp), Nira (Chinese Leek), soy sauce, garlic and shiitake mushrooms.

The dumplings are easy to prepare through pan-frying, deep-frying, microwaving, steaming or adding into soups. Each 21-ounce bag of Umami Gyoza Dumplings contains four servings of gyoza at 330 calories each, and 10 grams of protein per serving.

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  1. I have eaten my weight in noddles before now but you cannot get enough of these little dumplings. Please put some proper recipes for them in this article. There are quite a few different types to try so it’s worth looking at these. I like ramen and dango as well which needs to be mentioned.

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