How Do You Thicken Your Hair From The Inside

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Thick hair means it has volume and should be well protected from falling out. It’s also a sign of great health too. What can you do in terms of the food you eat to achieve that lustrous and desirable volume and so thicken your hair ?

Six types of food can help you achieve your goal.


Given hair is mainly protein, it makes sense to ensure that as it’s growing it receives all the amino acids it needs to support growth. Most of us omnivores will probably be consuming plenty of protein which supply all this raw material in meat, eggs, milk and frankly any other animal foods we ingest. If it’s a vegetarian lifestyle, then protein needs to come from other sources and legumes are ideal – peas and beans would be my first thought. One good protein  source from peas is Nature’s Plus Organic Pea Protein.


It’s a well known fact that poor gut health also means hair loss. Why ? Probiotic bacteria have a tremendous part to play in metabolism by absorbing a host of nutrients which all contribute to hair health. A wide range of fermented foods would certainly give hair a much needed boost or a probiotic and prebiotic supplement will not come amiss either. Look for Quest Mega 8 Biotix to give you all the really nice bugs you need.


Magnesium is a key mineral. If we suffer stresses and strains we can often see a loss of hair volume as a result. Reduce stress by upping levels of magnesium which is associated with relief. Likewise, lifestyle changes and drinking calming teas can also help. A great source is magnesium Nature’s Plus Kalm Assure Magnesium.


Make sure you have all the vitamins you need if you want to really give your hair the WOW factor. make sure you keep up your levels of vitamin A, B1, B2, B5, B6 and C. Zinc and vitamin B12 are also part of this.

Zinc and B12:

Any deficiencies in the mineral, zinc or the specific vitamin B12 (cobalamin) and your hair is in big trouble. Lack of zinc means proteins that are made to produce hair simply do not get produced. The mineral is found in nuts, seeds and spinach.

When it comes to B12, us meat eaters should not actually go short unless we really are ill. Vegetarians and vegans however need to supplement. B12 is only found in animal sources otherwise take yeast extracts and soya foods to achieve the appropriate amounts for good hair health.

Red Clover:

The menopause often plays havoc with hair however there is a herbal suggestion here with red clover supplements. Red clover has high levels of flavonones which are associated with good hair health. Why not try Nature’s Answer Red Clover Top Vegetarian Capsules.

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