Probiotics are one of the new foods which could help us deal with a range of health issues. Admittedly, there are no claims yet made for these products but that is because consistent studies focussing one attribute have yet to be produced. Nonetheless, these foods have tremendous benefit for the way they help bring the gut flora and fauna back to life.

The proposed health benefits are:-

-alleviation of lactose intolerance symptoms

-shortening of rotavirus diarrhoea (travellers)

-modulation of the immune system

-reduced risk of cancer

-reduce urinary tract infection risk

-lowering of high blood pressure

-increased gastro-intestinal motility

-reduced risk for travellers diarrhoea

-reduction of serum cholesterol

-increased bio-availability of nutrients especially SCFA.

-reduce food allergy and eczema

-gastro-intestinal benefits such as reducing gut inflammation after disease.

Take a look at Just Potent LLC. They produce a variety of probiotic strains for each capsule and offer either 2x or 7x the CFUs found in the leading popular brands. Eight of these strains are different lactobacillus species which are all encapsulated in vegetarian capsules for easy swallowing. The brands is primarily focussing on immune health and improving gastrointestinal benefits. The formulation is designed to resist stomach acid destruction of the bacteria as it passes through the gut. There is a also some prebiotic in the form of fructo-oligosaccharides and an arabinogalactan called FiberAid.

Nutrition Essentials are currently the biggest brand of probiotics with a similar claim to that above of having the highest CFUs in a capsule. They use Bacillus coagulans with a prebiotic of fructo-oligosaccharides.

Optimum Probiotics have taken advantage of the probiotic/prebiotic mix by offering both components in a vegetarian capsule. They use the PreforPro™ prebiotics which are bacteriophage based and have considerable impact on improving the growth of the probiotic.


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Probiotic Juice Drinks

Books On Making Probiotic Drinks

Many of these tomes relate to the incredible ease of making kombucha and kefir.

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