Four Great Tips For Healthy Hair

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Beautiful hair can be achieved with our top tips. Copyright: deklofenak / 123RF Stock Photo

Great hair depends on treating it well. Consider the following four great tips for perfect hair.

1.Treat your hair weekly

Ever tried a natural hair mask ? If you really want to cook up a treat for a your hair, have a go in the kitchen by developing your own recipe. Try out concoctions of your own with olive, coconut and avocado oil. We also suggest butters like shea and cocoa.

2. Styling Needs To Be Kept Simple

Don’t use heated tools everyday. Try sleeping in rollers or pin curls. Just hold your locks with a towel of bandana. Wake up in the morning to great looking curls and praise your hair.

3. Eat greens and plenty of protein

Great hair means plenty of protein in your diet. Keep up the vitamins especially biotin which is needed for growing hair as well as playing important metabolic roles in your body. Where it does it act ? Promotes cell growth, production of fatty acids and the metabolism of amino acids. The best sources of biotin are raw egg yolk and leafy green vegetables like spinach and cabbage.

4. Believe in hair oil.

Hair oil doesn’t make hair greasy or oily, or even weigh it down. In fact, the trick is to use only a little oil and then rub it in well into the hair. When you do, make sure it is rubbed into your hands so that it is distributed well throughout your hair. Jojoba, lavender and apricot oil are all great types to try. 

If you want to find out more about the health benefits of various oils, look at our articles on almond oil, avocado oil, coconut oil.

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