The Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean Diet has become accepted as one of the top diets in the world. We have often looked at the diets of those people who seem to be the healthiest and wondered what it was they were eating. This particular one appeals to those who are looking to reduce their risk of developing cancer and cardiovascular troubles.

The basis of the diet is of course lots of fruit and vegetables, nuts, whole grains and plenty of exercise. It also allows for some lean protein such as fish and chicken. What might surprise is the inclusion of some alcohol but then it is red wine. 

The Mediterranean Sea is bordered by many countries in Southern Europe and North Africa. Countries include France, Italy, Spain, Greece, Israel, Jordan, Algeria, Tunisia and Egypt.  All the peoples in these countries have different takes on what constitutes a Mediterranean diet but they do have some similarities. Part of the benefit also reflects lifestyle and what is best described as a less frenetic approach to living.  Oldways, a nonprofit food think tank in Boston, which has been working with the Harvard School of Public Health, has developed a consumer-friendly Mediterranean diet pyramid.

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