The Benefits Of Boron

Funny skeletons. Built probably with some boron.
Image by Paul Brennan, c/o Pixabay

Boron is one of those minerals which is not that well known but is certainly essential for general health and well-being. In some cases boron is taken as a medicine but it is also present in small amounts in food and the environment.

From a health perspective, boron is needed if not essential for producing healthy bones. As a medicine it is used to treat osteoarthritis, for producing testosterone and for other functions including making muscles. It is sometimes found as boric acid which is used to treat yeast infections in the vagina. 

There is no recommended daily amount required for this element.

Acceptable safe boron intake:

  • Children 1-3 years: 3 mg/day
  • Children 3-8 years: 6 mg/day
  • Children 8-12 years: 11 mg/day
  • Children 13-18 years: 17 mg/day

Typical sources of Boron:

  • Avocado (about 1.11mg/0.102mmol per avocado)
  • Flaked onions, dehydrated (6.573+/-3.228mcg/g)
  • Ground Cinnamon (10.37+/-0.661mcg/g)
  • Parsley (26.878+/-1.778mcg/g)
  • Apple Juice (1.881+/-0.082mcg/g) and Sauce (2.828+/-0.12mcg/g)
  • Cherries (1.482+/-0.243mcg/g)
  • Grape Juice (2.020+/-0.265mcg/g)
  • Peaches (1.872+/-0.112mcg/g)
  • Beef stock (1.264+/-0.609mcg/g)
  • Ice Cream (0.192+/-0.03mcg/g)
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