The Benefits Of Calamus

Root extracts used for producing traditional herbal remedies. Calamus root used to soften skin and hair. Traditional Chinese and Korean herbal medicine
Image by vivi14216 from Pixabay

Acorus calamus is commonly called calamus, sweet flag or Jeju Changpo. The root extract is most commonly used in hair care, as an antioxidant and for skin brightening.

A tall perennial plant living in wetlands.

Traditionally found in Korea. On the 5th day of Dana which is the 5th day of May in the lunar calendar, ladies washed their hair and body with boiled water of calamus root to make their skin and hair soft and shiny.

Calamus is widely employed in Korean and Chines herbal medicine to treat skin lesions, boils, acne, rheumatic pains and neuralgia.

A particular type called Jeju Cangpo is collected from the island of Jeju where it has been attributed with significant hair growth, skin brightening as well as various antixodant benefits.

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