Rice Flour For Gluten Free Product Development

Spoon of rice flour on white wooden background
Rice flour. Copyright: baibaz / 123RF Stock Photo

Rice flour is now the natural alternative for product developers looking to replace wheat, barley and rye flours so that coeliacs (celiacs) can enjoy a wide range of exciting products.

Rice flour is prepared from either or both brown and white rice and is finely milled as for any other flour. It is not like rice starch which is produced by steeping rice in lye (sodium hydroxide solution).

Usually creamy to ivory in colour.

No association with allergens.

Neutral in flavour.

Often used in south-eastern cooking for making noodles but is versatile enough to be employed in both sweet and savoury dishes. Great for puddings, biscuits, bars and even baked goods. Acts like cornflower in thickening sauces and gravies.

A useful ingredient for providing mouthfeel and helping to bind other ingredients – used in bars under the brand Nakd.

The nutritional data per 100g when uncooked is:-

Energy: 350 kcal/1480 kJ

Fat: 1.4g of which saturates are 0.4g, polyunsaturated fat and monounsaturated fat are both 0.4g.

Carbohydrates: 77g of which sugars are 0.2g

Protein: 6 – 8g depending on source.

The mineral content is 8% RDA magnesium and the potassium content is on average 76mg/100g.

There is a trace amount of salt if any.

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