Isomaltulose (IM) is a naturally occurring disaccharide composed of alpha-1,6-linked glucose and fructose monomers. Isomaltulose is an alternative sweetener with a high potential for use in sports products because it is such a good alternative to sucrose. The sugars has a low glycaemic index (GI).

For product developers, isomaltulose would be valuable in low GI products for controlling and preventing various chronic diseases especially those associated with cardiovascular disease, cancer and metabolic issues. 

A number of clinical studies now demonstrate the value of IM especially in human studies (randomised-controlled trials and cohorts) backed up with animal and in vitro studies, and cell studies.

The sugar has considerable promise as a prebiotic as well as a sweetener to rival stevia and other polymeric sugars. It appears to work very effectively with hydroxymethylbutyrate (HMB) in sports supplements for improving muscle recovery after strenuous exercise.

Please read the review in the Journal Of Functional Foods which discusses chemical and physiological benefits, novel applications especially for product developers, the health benefits inlcuding the prebiotic effects and how the compound interacts with gut microbiota.


Shyam, S., Ramadas, A., Chang, S.K. (2018) Isomaltulose: Recent evidence for health benefits. J. Func. Foods 48 (9) pp. 173-178

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