Five Great Weight-Loss Foods To Try

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Is there such a thing as a weight-loss food? As anyone will tell you, eating a healthy diet helps us to lose weight and if we exercise regularly as well then so much the better. We always focus on a strict fat-free diet which also means low cholesterol consumption. It also means taking in plenty of vegetables and drinking plenty of water. We talk a lot about various diets on this site but finding the right one for you is a matter of personal choice and identifying appropriate goals for weight loss. There are some key foods however that certainly will help and in different ways.

Here are a few weight-loss foods worth considering for a diet!

Weight-loss food 1: Mushrooms

A great vegetarian alternative to red meat is a mushroom because you can simulate a meaty texture and taste in your cooking. If you do a direct substitution of meat with mushrooms you can consume something like 173 less calories and 4.5 grams of less fat on a daily basis. That means you might be losing an average of 3.1 kgs for every person. 

Mushrooms also come in many shapes and sizes. Try a horse mushroom as a starter or throw in some shitake or chicken mushrooms to being a stir-fry to life rather than adding pork or beef.

Have you ever tried growing them ?

Weight-loss food 2: Greens

Look at all those wonderful greens you can eat. Why not try swiss chard, cabbage, broccoli, kale and spinach and that’s not just all of them. Take a look on the market shelves at what is truly possible.

All vegetables are low in calories and carbohydrates except potatoes. They also contain plenty of fibre. Fibre in its own right is an important ingredient in the diet for improving heart health and lowering blood cholesterol and fat levels. Add green vegetables to your cooking to help fill you up because several studies have shown that diets and meals with a low energy density lead to people consuming fewer calories in general. 

Vegetables like green ones in particular contains a great range of vitamins and minerals, various antioxidants and other goodies. All of these are essential for good health.

Weight-loss food 3: Salmon & Fish

Fish like salmon are high in oils and fats which are also extremely healthy for us. These can keep you feeling full without needing to consume further calories. salmon in particular is full of good quality protein as well as dietary fatty acids and various minerals. The dietary fatty acids are omega-3 fatty acids which we often discuss. These are associated with good heart health too and in reducing general levels of inflammation. Inflammation is associated in turn with poor health, a preponderance for developing metabolic diseases and tackling obesity. try other fish like oily mackerel, sardines, herring and tuna for maintaining a weight-loss regime.

Taking seafood generally can help us with keeping our iodine levels up so that the thyroid is able to produce hormones like thyroxine. This hormone is needed for regular energy metabolism.

Weight-loss food 4: Eggs

Now I know that most of you would say eggs were full of cholesterol which makes them weight-gain rather than a weight-loss foods. There is certainly evidence suggesting that a high number of eggs in the diet can raise cholesterol levels to an unacceptable level but it is still a good food for dieting. One reason is that an egg or two at breakfast helps increase levels of satiety or satisfaction – it fills you up. That feeling can last for 36 hours in some cases so it means you might eat less food over a longer period because you can feel so full. Eggs are very nutritious too and contain plenty of good protein.

Weight-loss food 5: Yoghurt

Plenty of research into yoghurt has shown that it helps people maintain their weight as they get older rather than let them gain weight uncontrollably. One of the best that people associated with weight loss was consuming some yoghurt with their meal. It’s not really certain why this is the case but it may be linked to the way it benefits our gut flora and fauna. In other words it is a probiotic and such foods are associated with weight management and good immune health. Try to include some of our key weight-loss foods in your diet. They will help, and in a number of different ways!

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