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June 11, 2018 smitsa 1

Harungana might not be an ingredient on everybody’s lips but it might be something you see in your skin creams. It is claimed to ‘redensify […]

Bottle of apricot oil with fresh fruit and kernels on wooden table

Apricot Kernel Oil

April 9, 2018 smitsa 0

Apricot kernel oil is ideal for sensitive skin and is also suitable for delicate baby and children’s skin. It has a slightly marzipan scented oil […]

Canadian willowherb (Epilobium augustifolium)

Canadian Willowherb

December 14, 2017 smitsa 0

The tribes of the Canadian forests have been applying Canadian Willowherb (Epilobium angustifolium) for millennia. Why ? To act as a skin cleanser, removing dirt […]

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Kappaphycus alvarezii

October 17, 2017 smitsa 0

Kappaphycus alvarezii is also known as the Elkhorn Sea Moss. It is a red algae or seaweed which is an important commercial source of carrageenans. […]

Padina pavonica or peacock's tail seaweed in a shallow sea shelf.

Padina pavonica

October 17, 2017 smitsa 0

Padina pavonica is a Mediterranean seaweed which you might often see on the ingredients list of various anti-aging creams and cosmetics. The common name is Peacock’s […]

Bunch of rosehips, the fruit of the rose bush.

Rosehip Seed Oil

October 17, 2017 smitsa 0

Rosehips are a fantastic nutritional health source but the seeds also yield an excellent oil which is composed of omega-6 (45 percent) and omega-3 (35 […]

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Making A Lipstick

April 11, 2016 smitsa 1

 Lipsticks are interesting cosmetic products because of how the pigment is dispersed into a mixture of oils and waxes. All the ingredients, the pigments or […]

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Coping with Melasma

November 15, 2015 smitsa 0

What is melasma? Melasma (from the Greek word, ‘melas’ meaning black) is a common skin condition formed of dark, discoloured patches of pigment. It can […]