Olive’s Wax-Esters Help Repair Skin

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  • Olives contain wax-esters which have excellent cosmetic properties.
  • The wax oils found in olive are shown to protect the skin from damage by chemicals and improve elasticity.

Olives have always been associated with health, not just from consumption but as a protecting agent for the skin. A dry vegetable emollient with the active properties from olive extracts called Biophytosebum® has been recently found to be more highly effective in protecting and soothing the skin than had first been realised.

Biophytosebum® is manufactured by Sophim, based in the Provence of Southern France. It is mainly composed of olive oil liquid wax-esters combined with squalene. Studies showed that the emollient protected skin from the chemical irritant sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS) and improved both the skin’s elasticity and helped to moisturise it. The wax-oils improve a measure for skin protection called Trans Epidermal Water Loss (TEWL) which indicates how much a cosmetic barrier can retain water moisture in the skin’s epidermis layers. The olive’s wax esters also play a vital role in helping the lipidic skin barrier to recover too.

Biophytosebum® is a China-listed (Inventory of Existing Cosmetic Ingredients) and COSMOS-approved, 100% vegetable ingredient with excellent sensorial benefits.

It produces a light and non-greasy texture to the finished product, whereas its active bio-molecules help the skin to remain moisturised and youthful. Biophytosebum® is only available in the United Kingdom from Azelis. 

Contact: www.sophim.com


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