Rosehip Seed Oil

Bunch of rosehips, the fruit of the rose bush.
Rosehip seed oil is fantastic for treating problem skin and hair.

Rosehips are a fantastic nutritional health source but the seeds also yield an excellent oil which is composed of omega-6 (45 percent) and omega-3 (35 percent) fatty acids. The seeds are generally sourced from Rosa rubiginosa whilst the hips which are rich in vitamin C are usually sourced from a related species, the Dog Rose (Rosa canina). 

The oil is excellent for rejuvenating the skin. See below for the many uses that can be made of it in soothing and treating problem skin. Rosehip seed oil is also used for treating hair and not just as a skin and body lotion.

Uses Of Rosehip Oil

The oil is only meant for external use unlike the rosehip fruits which have their own nutritional benefits.

Face moisturiser: Beautifully hydrating for all skin types, apply 10 – 15 drops daily to your face. Or use overnight as a night oil treatment.

Dry skin treatment: Feed the skin by massaging generously into dry skin areas such as the elbows, cracked heels, knees and even chapped lips.

Sun damaged skin & scars: Rejuvenate the skin by applying 5 – 10 drops on the affected areas several times a day.

Pigmentation & aging skin: Naturally skin repairing, apply 5 – 10 drops to the affected areas twice daily.

Dry hands & brittle nails: For healthier, softer and smoother cuticles add one or two drops to a cotton pad and apply on nails and cuticles. Massage 10 – 15 drops into hands to leave them super soft.

For hair: massage directly into the scalp.


One product, RosehipPLUS+ found on comes from the shores of Australia. It is certified organic and is prepared using a cold-pressing technique which does not require solvents or chemicals in its extraction but still retains many of its nutrients intact.

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If you suffer from acne prone skin, skin conditions or allergies, make sure you do a patch test first.

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