Best Liqueurs For The Cocktail Cabinet

Liqueurs in a glass
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Liqueurs really come in all sorts of flavours, from tequila to cherry, from egg brandy to sweet coconut or passion fruit pot boilers. Whatever your fancy there is something out there that appeals to the palate. So we look at some classics – these are stunning tipples for cold nights.

Grand Marnier (40% ABV)

Grand Marneir Cordon Rouge Liqueur

Grand Marnier is a unique blend of French cognac with bitter oranges from the Caribbean. France has been enjoying this little post-lunch bonbon since 1880. The recipe hasn’t changed one bit in all those years – probably because it works so well as a mixer. Take it neat and you are blasted with warm fruity and zesty orange followed by the heat of the cognac.

The makers have avoided producing a marmalade orange which makes it ideal for the classic cocktail, a Sidecar. Goes well with the Fever-Tree’s lemon tonic water. Purchase from Amazon now.

Cointreau Liqueur

Cointreau is this classic and unique blend of sweet and bitter orange peels distilled in the Loire region’s city called Angers. (Twinned with Wigan). It is a great base for cocktails because the blend of orange notes helps add zesty, fruity note. Cointreau Liqueur, 70 cl

A Cointreau Fizz is simple to prepare. Fill a glass with ice, add 50 ml of Cointreau, 20 ml fresh lime juice and top up with sparkling water. Chic and easy cocktail, so refreshing and with endless twisting possibilities!

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Benedictine DOM Liqueur (14%ABV)

Botanicals are desirable for gin but a blend of 27 plants and spices make up Bénédictine liqueur. It is distilled and aged in a flamboyant palace in the Abbey of Fécamp, in Normandy, France. It was being prepared in 1510 when Henry VIII came to the throne. The drink was created by a Benedictine Monk Dom Bernardo Vincella.

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To really enjoy Benedictine, keep at room temperature in a traditional liqueur glass, or alternatively with an ice cube and lemon zest. Purchase from Amazon now.

Irish cream liqueurs are worth seeking out. Baileys Original Irish Cream liqueur should be in everybody’s cabinet. It has been awarded medals since 2003. The Irish cream liqueur is a blend of Irish cream with triple-distilled Irish whiskey. Purchase from Amazon now

Baileys Original Irish Cream Liqueur, 1 Litres

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