nut milks

Nut Milks

July 26, 2022 smitsa 1

We are probably quite familiar with probiotic micro-organisms and milk products which contain them like yoghurts. Have you ever thought that vegetable and nut milks […]

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Pollo Principessa

July 11, 2022 smitsa 0

Pollo principessa is a delicious way of showing off chicken breast in an Italian sauce. It is essentially chicken breasts cooked with asparagus spears, sliced […]

arrabbiata sauce

Penne Arrabbiata

July 6, 2022 smitsa 0

Penne Arrabbiata is a simple dish to prepare but one that has great spicy flavour. The pasta is coated in a rich tomato sauce, chilli, […]

Chicken and Leek Pie

July 4, 2022 smitsa 0

A great chicken and leek pie is the perfect dish for an autumn or winter evening. It’s an easy and quick dish to make with […]

saag aloo

Saag Aloo

July 1, 2022 smitsa 0

Saag aloo is a very healthy Indian dish which is based on  spinach and potato. It must be one of the most common dishes in […]