What is Canadian Bacon?

Canadian bacon
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Canadian bacon is also known as bacon rashers or back bacon. The term is used by Americans specifically for this type of bacon. It is distinctive though to US-style rashers which are streaky bacon. The Canadian bacon style originates in Canada and earned its name when merchants imported bacon from the city of Toronto into New York. American- style bacon is derived from pork belly and contains much more fat.

Many suppliers of Canadian bacon offer the meat in a brine solution and this is common for many forms of commercial bacon. This type of back bacon is also cured and smoked, and also fully cooked so it is ready to eat. many producers also trim it into circular discs or medallions which makes it suitable for open sandwiches. It is also cut much more thickly than other types of bacon. You can also enjoy it as the meat topping for Eggs Benedict.

In terms of flavour, it is more reminiscent of ham.

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