Top Vegan Foods

Cauliflower is one of our top vegan foods
Image by Hans Braxmeier from Pixabay

There are some top vegan foods that simply have to be part of the diet whether you are a vegan or not to be honest. Many are also ideal for weight loss regimes and general dieting.

The top vegan foods vegetable has to be cauliflower 

Cauliflower is a remarkably versatile vegetable for the vegan and ketogenic diet. The high water content means that there are less calories available per unit volume so it makes for a great dieting food. being very versatile, it can be turned into ‘rice’, cooked, blanched, sauteed or eaten as a sabzi. The vegetable has long been held up for helping us with our digestion and satiating our hunger. It is a classic probiotic in many respects which means it helps feed our gut-friendly bacteria as well as reducing levels of inflammation.

The vegetable is not that easy to grow but we do have some useful cultivation tips and the varieties that are worth growing for your dietary needs.

The top vegan flavouring has to be garlic 

Garlic is definitely one of our top vegan foods. Grown in abundance throughout much of the world, it is number one for adding flavour to a wide range of dishes. The health evidence is also mounting up because of its strong antibacterial properties. There are chemicals in it too which help reduce blood pressure even if it adds a certain pungency to our breath. It also appears to reduce blood cholesterol levels.

Garlic is also another versatile vegetable with many uses in cooking. One interesting aspects is its use in preventing emotional eating because it mops up harmful compounds in the body which would accelerate the production of the stress hormone cortisol in the body. Whatever the circumstances really get to love garlic as an ingredient because it will return the favour and help love you.

If you want to reduce the pungency on the breath then try garlic extracts as these offer most of the compounds without the added sulphurous notes.

Easy vegetable to grow by the way !

The top vegan fruit has to be bananas

Top banana and why? It is full of potassium which means that it helps keep our blood pressure down. Bananas are in the shops all year round, they are rich in fibre and also help us maintain satiety because of the starch which fills us up. That dietary fibre also means that if we are suffering constipation we can help to bulk up our stools. 

Sports people love bananas because they are a wonderful pre and post workout food.

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