The Shiitake Mushroom

Mushrooms sitting on a table.
Shiitake mushrooms . Photo by anhnhidesign c/o Pixabay.

The shiitake [Lentinula edodes] mushroom is one of the most popular edible mushrooms in China and other parts of East Asia. It is increasingly important in western cuisine for adding an exotic touch to Chinese and Japanese cooking. Extracts of the mushroom are also regularly used in a wide variety of products.


 As far as health is concerned, the results reported by Dai et al. (2015) suggested that regular shiitake consumption can improve immunity system of humans.

Moreover, a wide range of literature indicates that shiitake provides not only high nutritional value but also participates actively in antitumor, antioxidant and antiviral activities (Finimundy et al., 2014; Jiang et al., 2015).

Shiitake essential oil (SEO) is extracted from this mushroom. It is used in food as an ingredient, a flavouring agent and as a nutritional supplement. However, the direct fortification of food product with SEO seems to be undesirable by consumers. It is rich in unsaturated fatty acids, especially oleic acid and linoleic acid, and sulphur compounds such as lenthionine, 1,2,4‐trithiolane and 1,2,4,5‐tetrathiane. The functional oil is susceptible to oxidation and readily produces hydroperoxides, off flavours and odours that compromises the quality and shelf life of a food product (Çağlarırmak, 2007; Dermiki et al., 2013).


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