The health benefits of lotus seeds

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If you live in the UK you are not very likely to come across foxnuts or lotus seeds but in India they are considered to have considerable nutritional value. In India, they are known as makhanas. These seeds are often found in various recipes but also as a snack food for those watching their weight or even trying to lose it.

Nutrition Of Makhanas/Lotus Seeds

Lotus seeds are very good for cardiovascular health and make for an excellent snack food. They are low in cholesterol, saturated fats and sodium. They are good sources of magnesium, phosphorous, manganese, potassium and proteins. They also contain plenty of calcium which is good for bone growth.

A number of weight watchers consume these seeds as part of a weight loss diet. The seeds are also consumed for improving liver function as in detoxification, managing hypertension or blood pressure and as a digestive aid.

Improving Bone Strength and Growth

Calcium is essential for good bone growth, repair and maintenance. Lotus seeds have a relatively high calcium content which makes them ideal as a bone-growing food.

Lotus Seeds Consumption And Heart Health Benefits

As a snack the seeds are ideal for those wishing to consume a food low in sodium but relatively high in potassium. Such a ratio is good for anyone with an eye on managing their blood pressure.

The high level of magnesium in the seeds also means that the risk of heart disease can be reduced given that this mineral is important in blood synthesis as well as general metabolism.

Lotus Seeds For Helping Lose Weight

Lotus seeds are good sources of protein and help us with satiety or feeling full. They do not appear to be  high in calories either which suggests they are valuable as a snack food. They also contain only a small amount of saturated fats.

Managing Blood Sugar Levels

If you have high blood sugar levels or are prone to serious spikes then a food like lotus seeds rich in carbohydrate and protein would be ideal to consume. The seeds have a low glycemic index compared to other staples.

A high magnesium and low sodium content is also ideal in combating diabetes, metabolic syndrome as well as obesity and being overweight.

Improvements in Cognitive Function.

Lotus seeds have a high vitamin B1 (thiamine) level. Thiamine is needed for metabolism as well as maintenance of nerve function. Thiamine is needed for  acetylcholine synthesis and will thus help with neurotransmission.


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