14603726 - meadowsweet or Filipendula ulmaria or Spireaea ulmaria in bloom

The Many Benefits Of Meadowsweet

January 5, 2014 smitsa 0

Meadowsweet is also named as Bridewort, Meadsweet, Dolloff, Meadow-Wort, Meadow Queen, Queen of the Meadow, Lady of the Meadow, Pride of the Meadow, Bridewort and Meadsweet. […]

Shaqima or sachima on a plate of wood.

Sachima (Sa-Chi-Ma)

December 16, 2013 smitsa 0

Sachima or Shaqima is a Chinese pastry found throughout the country. As in keeping with all pastry products there are many regional variations although it […]

Ripe naranjilla on a white background.

Naranjilla (Lulo)

December 4, 2013 smitsa 0

The Naranjilla or Lulo (Solanum quitoense, Lam. Syn. S. anulatum, Family: Solanaceae) is not a fruit likely to be found on the shelves in the […]

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Sweet Annie

November 21, 2013 smitsa 0

Sweet Annie has been used for centuries in Chinese and European herbal medicine to treat painful childbirth and dysmenorrhea. This plant is native to Asia […]

Soya beans in two hands. Soya allergy can be a consequences of ingestion.

The Issues Of Soya Allergy

October 21, 2013 smitsa 0

Food allergies have become a greater concern to the population because of their incidence. Here we discuss an issue with a popular health food – […]

Hoodia gordonii, a medicinal plant, in flower (ai-ais - richterveld transfrontier park)


October 4, 2013 smitsa 0

Hoodia created a great deal of excitement when it was found to have appetite suppressant opportunities. Weight loss is a health necessity for many people […]

A full photograph of a ginger cat (kitten).


October 3, 2013 smitsa 0

Cats go wild over it ! Catmint has a powerful effect on cats making them go crazy when they’ve chewed a few leaves. Our cat has […]

Stevia pills and stevia plant on a golden spoon in a bowl.

Stevia – The New Sweetener

September 12, 2013 smitsa 0

Stevia (Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni; Family: Asteraceae) and its extracted derivatives have long been touted as the next big thing in high-potency sweeteners for product development and […]