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Pumpkin Pie

June 19, 2011 smitsa 0

Ingredients For the pastry: 200g plain flour 1 tsp ground cinnamon (optional) 125g (4oz) butter 2 tbsp icing sugar For the filling: 180g (6oz) caster […]

Calendula officinalis.

Calendula Extract

June 10, 2011 rob 2

Calendula officinalis (Linn.) Compositae or Marigold is a common cottage garden annual in the UK. However, extracts, decoctions and tinctures prepared from it have been used as a […]

Blackcurrants hanging from a bushy twig.

Blackcurrant – Wonderful Fruit

June 10, 2011 rob 0

Blackcurrants remain one of the most enduring fruits with a distinctive green, fruity and highly unique recognizable aroma and flavour. Having studied the fruit for […]

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Dietary Calcium & Weight Loss

October 21, 2010 smitsa 0

There has recently been accumulating evidence to support the hypothesis that  dietary calcium may play an important role in body weight regulation. Several reports have found […]

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The Consumer Goods Forum

October 18, 2010 smitsa 0

The Consumer Goods Forum is an independent global parity-based Consumer Goods network. It brings together the CEOs and senior management of around 650 retailers, manufacturers, […]

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Colostrum In Mood Research

August 25, 2010 smitsa 0

Colostrum is generally sourced from bovine. It is the pre-milk fluid produced from cow mammary glands during the first two to four days after birth. […]

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The Biosynthesis Of Starch

August 8, 2010 smitsa 0

Plants are unique in many respects but one feature of their biochemistry and metabolism in particular is the synthesis of starch. It comes really from […]

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April 25, 2010 smitsa 0

Trenbolone acetate is a synthetic steroid that is extensively used in the United States as a growth promoter in beef cattle. The acetate is administered […]

Jams wont set without pectin. Starwberry jam, apricot jam and raspberry jam.


November 9, 2009 smitsa 1

Pectins are complex plant heteropolysaccharides in the plant cell wall which are vital in cell structure and functioning. They are found in all the higher […]