wheat with a no go symbol. A sign for celiac disease sufferers.

Celiac Disease

April 17, 2019 smitsa 0

Celiac disease or ceoliac disease is a condition which has long been the bane of cereal eaters for many years. It is still the most […]

Sweet potato lined up. Pink skinned and presumably pink fleshed too.

The Sweet Potato

April 17, 2019 smitsa 0

The sweet potato (Ipomea batatas {L.} Lam.) is now a regular feature of the grocer’s retailing shelves. The tubers which are swollen roots are available […]

Candy in a jar. Some are using Allura Red and Tartrazine colouring.

Allura Red AC

April 15, 2019 smitsa 0

Quite often in US and European food formulations you will see a number of artificial colours. One in particular is Allura Red AC which is […]

No Picture

The SlimFast Diet

April 1, 2019 smitsa 0

The SlimFast diet has changed over many years but it still delivers the necessary objective:- weight reduction. It used to be all about the shakes […]

Capsules in coloured forms on a table.. Will contain microencapsulated ingredients.

What Is Microencapsulation ?

March 27, 2019 smitsa 0

Microencapsulation is a technology for protecting sensitive ingredients with materials which act as barriers. These barriers help keep the ingredient more stable, they may reduce […]

Bowl of broth (consomme) and fresh vegetables on wooden table

Preparing A Consomme

March 21, 2019 smitsa 0

Consommé is what chefs describe as a thin clear soup. It is to all intents and purposes a strong flavoured stock which has been cleared […]

African child cupped hands holding some peanut. malnutrition - a scourge of the world.


March 19, 2019 smitsa 0

Overview Malnutrition continues to be the scourge of the world and a situation which has not changed through the ages. It is best to start […]

Illustration about probiotics with soft pen on old paper

The Benefits Of Probiotics

March 16, 2019 smitsa 0

Overview Probiotics are globally important. They are probably the archetypal functional food. The definition of a probiotic is best summed up by the Food Agricultural Organization/World […]