Apricots in a bowl with some cut in half.
Apricots in a bowl. Copyright: gresei / 123RF Stock Photo

Home grown apricots are succulent and juicy and have a rich aromatic flavour that you do not experience from shop purchased fruits. Thanks to modern breeding there are now reliable varieties available, making a them a very worthwhile crop to grow. They require similar growing conditions to peaches – a warm sheltered site in full sun.

Apricots can be trained as a fan on a south or south-west facing wall or fence, 3.6m (12ft.) wide and 2m (6ft 6in.) high. they can also be grown as a free standing bush up to 3.6m (12ft.) in height and spread.

Flavorcot® – A new variety that represents a massive advancement in apricot breeding as it performs exceptionally well in our UK climate and can produce in excess of 750 fruits on a four year old free standing tree. the fruits are very large and juicy with a red blush and succulent, sweet orange flesh. Superb aromatic flavour. Season: early August.

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