Getting To Grips With Resealable Food Bags

Resealable food packaging. Variety of foods
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As with all new Year Resolutions, I am forced to come to the conclusion that they really only last until something better comes along. So it is with not drinking any wine in January which lasted two days. What has kept going though is a rethink on plastic bags for storing food and better quality storage boxes. We had used Ziploc sandwich bags over a number of years but felt it was time to try something different. A more environmentally friendly approach was required given that our plastic bag consumption was contributing massively to the global plastics problem. So we have started looking at different types of resealable food bags.

My first purchase was the plastic-wrap alternative, the Bee’s Wrap 3-piece. Firstly, no plastic because it is made of organic cotton with a beeswax finish, some jojoba oil and tree resin. Instead of clingfilm, the beeswax wrap offers a secure alternative to the plastic version. Firstly it is reusable. According to the manufacturer, it will last a year if it is used on a number of occasions every week. Given that plastic materials linger for centuries because they don’t biodegrade, it was sweet to know that this piece of wrap would not need to be disposed of until next year (hopefully). The product is certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard. Secondly, the wrap is moulded using the heat in the hands so that it can cover dishes and bowls. Personally, I am not a fan of direct contact with such wrapping but vegetables and fruit should be fine. 

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Silicone could well be the answer as a replacement for PVC and other poly-based polymeric containers. Stasher is a brand of clear storage bags which are certainly reusable but also washable, airtight and leakproof. I’m intrigued if a valve could be fitted to make it vacuum packaging given that such a device might be possible. At least the Stasher can be stored frozen. as with most packs it is reasonable to thaw food out by reheating the contents in bag in some hot water.

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Paper is cellulose right ? we find paper bags work perfectly well for storing sandwiches, biscuits and cookies, and all sorts of snacks. paper is at least renewable and should come from sustainable tree products. the paper needs to be unbleached and greaseproof to offer any recyclability along with eco-friendly claims during processing.

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