Fruit And Vegetables That Are Tops For Vitamin C

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Vitamin C is one of the best vitamins around. For some it is the answer to staving off colds and flu but it really has much better benefits than just that. As well as being an extremely powerful water-soluble antioxidant, it also helps to boost our immune system.

When we consume vitamin C rich foods, especially fruits and vegetables we are also taking in one of nature’s greatest protecting compounds and has been shown in plenty of research to help reduce the impact of many chronic diseases.

There are some fruits and veg which are fantastically rich in vitamin C. Here we look at a few which would grace your supermarket trolley any day.

Citrus Fruit

Oranges with an orange gerbera on a table as a source of vitamin C.. One of the top foods for tackling diabetes.
Oranges are great sources of vitamin C. Courtesy of pixel2013, c/o Pixabay.

We often talk about oranges as the leading vitamin C fruit but there are other citrus fruits worth thinking about. Just think about the lime and the lemon. The lime kept British sailors from losing their teeth through scurvy. They have long been associated with fighting off the common cold and whilst there is still plenty of research to be done to actually prove the point, these fruits do have a role in general health. Vitamin C is known to increase the production of white blood cells and these are the key cells in fighting infections. Vitamin C is not stored and cannot be made in the body so we need a daily supply of this vitamin to keep our stores in tip top condition.


Image by hans Braxmeier, c/o Pixabay.

Apparently a cup of chopped raw cauliflower is absolutely rammed full with vitamin C. Easy to grow as well this vegetable makes for great crudities and as a crunchy alternative to broccoli. Remember vitamin C is great for iron absorption, reducing cholesterol and preventing damage to our cells so look out for this particular veggie as it is exactly what is needed.

Cauliflower is also a an excellent source of dietary fibre, of vitamin K for healthy blood clotting, choline for brain development and vitamin B6 for metabolism in general. What more could you ask for ?


Blackcurrants isolated on white background Yep, Ribena and all that. Blackcurrants have one of the highest vitamin C contents of all fruits. Although this is a rather tart fruit it is one of the best soft fruits in the diet. Also chock full of polyphenols which are known for their myriad benefits in all sorts of arenas.

Guava Fruit

Contains 4 times the amount of vitamin C as an orange. very rich in vitamin A too and also used as a food for reducing blood pressure. One of the trio with passionfruit and mango for offering up a great taste and aroma.

Guavas. Image by Pashminu Mansukhani, c/o Pixabay.

Kiwi Fruit

Still regarded as a top health food because of its high levels of vitamin C. They need to be eaten as ripe as possible because leaving them sees that high vitamin C content drop rapidly. Also has a powerful protease in its flesh which helps with meat digestion. Mind you, too much and you might be reaching for a change of underwear !

Kiwi fruit halves on a black background.
Kiwi fruit halves. Photo by AliceKeyStudio c/o Pixabay
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