Euphorbia semen

Euphorbia semen L. is widely cultivated as a traditional medicine. The dried, ripe seeds are used in concoctions as a diuretic, retention of phlegm, as a vasodilator and agent to improve blood circulation, constipation, cure tinea and scabies, reduce the impact of snakebites, treat terminal  schistosomiasis etc. (Zhu et al., 2018). The current state of the plant is well reviewed and this article here simply points readers in its direction.


To date about 240 compounds have been identified which are mainly the following:- diterpenoids, coumarins, flavonoids, fatty acids, amino acids, and steroids.

Health Properties

Diuresis, anti-inflammatory, anticancer, antiviral, liver cell protection, neural system protection.


The product does cause intense intestinal and ear irritation. Acute toxicity is an issue with target organ irritation, cocareinogenic and carcinogenesis effects.


Zhu, A., Zhang, T., Wang, Q. (2018) The phytochemistry, pharmacokinetics, pharmacology and toxicity of Euphorbia semen. J. Pharmacol. 227 pp. 41-55

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