Cyclina sinensis

cyclina sinensis, clams in a bowl, asian cuisine
Image by Koangchul Na from Pixabay

Cyclina sinensis is commonly known as Chinese venus, Black Clam, iron clam and Korean cyclina clam. It is a clam species in the venus clam family, Veneridae.

The clam mostly lives in the flats on the coast of seas in East Asia, such as the Yellow Sea and the Sea of Japan.

The clam contains various bioactives which have reputed therapeutic properties. For example there is a pentadecapeptide which has an immunoenhancement effect in immune-deficient mice when they are treated with cyclophosphamide. The peptide is known as SCSP. This bioactive was found to help improve weight gain and produce  various cellular functions such as improvements in cellular and humoral immune functions (Yu et al., 2019). 


Yu, F., Zhang, Z., Ye, S., Hong, X., Huang, F., Yang, Z., Tang, Y. Chen, Y., Ding, G. (2019) Immunoenhancement effects of pentadecapeptide derived from Cyclina sinensison immune-deficient mice induced by Cyclophosphamide. J. Functional Foods. 60 September 103408 (Article)

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