Covid-19 Alters Shopping And Eating Behaviours

Grocery store. Aisles on both sides.
  • Shopping for food has altered our behaviour according to new market research.

The grocery industry’s research and training charity IGD has examined how shopping has changed with the onset of Covid-19 in the last 6 months.

IGD questioned over a 1,000 consumers in July 2020 to understand how the appearance of the coronavirus, Covid-19 had changed their buying and eating behaviour. Well over half the respondents (57%) had already altered their diets  in response to the pandemic. There was further evidence that these consumers would seek to make their diets much more healthy and even sustainable. The principal motivation was to improve health and 63% of the respondents made maintaining health their prime reason.

The main issue it appears is the higher cost of maintaining a healthy and sustainable diet. At least 38% of the consumers thought the changes in their diet meant it was more expensive. There was acknowledgment that people’s behaviour towards a more healthy and sustainable diet was driven by the need to be healthy in combating the virus. 

Other evidence shows that obese people are 50% more likely to die from infection by the coronavirus. In the UK, the government has launched new approaches to reducing obesity as a way to reduce death. 

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