female scientist using metabolomics

The Power Of Metabolomics

March 31, 2021 smitsa 0

Metabolomics is a now a long established method of examination of analytical chemistry. The discipline, for that is now what it truly is, can be […]

Lab equipment with colored liquid (mainly conical flasks)

Water Activity In Food

March 4, 2021 smitsa 0

Water is a fundamental component in food, both in terms of maintaining food quality, its preservation and minimizing microbial spoilage. Water activity (aw) is a […]

Three bottles of olive oil in a row on a white background. Edible oils stability is a major topic in food stability studies.

Edible Oils Stability And Frying

September 20, 2020 smitsa 1

Edible oils stability preoccupies many product developers using these ingredients in their recipes and formulations. Oxidative stability of an oil is an important quality factor […]

Smiling friends eating pizza and drinking beer at restaurant or pub

The Texture Of Food

February 2, 2016 smitsa 0

The way a food feels in the mouth, the crunch, the munch, the bite, the swallowing has an enormous bearing on how we perceive a […]

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Melamine Detection

June 23, 2015 smitsa 0

Recent scandals involving adulteration of critical food products with dire health consequences need look no further than the addition of melamine to infant milk powder. […]

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Antioxidant Methods And Measures

May 13, 2014 smitsa 1

The measurement of antioxidant capacity is one of the key analytical measures in the assessment of food ingredients with potential health benefits. Many methods are available […]

Spaniel dog with head on table hoping to eat a fairy cake.

The Electronic Nose

February 27, 2013 smitsa 0

It seems like science fiction to think that it was possible to mimic either the tongue or nose in terms of being able to distinguish […]