Butter Murukku

Preparation Of Butter Murukku


1. Blend roasted urad dal into a powder

To prepare this recipe, take a deep-bottomed pan, keep it on medium flame and dry roast the urad dal till it becomes light brown in colour. Let it cool for some time and then blend it into a fine powder in a blender.

2 Prepare urad dal dough

Take 2 cups of lukewarm water and add all other ingredients in a bowl along with urad dal powder. Start kneading the dough till it becomes semi-soft.

3 Use murukku maker to make start making murukkus

Take a murukku maker and start making murukkus from the kneaded dough.

4 Deep fry the murukkus

Heat kadhai over medium flame and deep-fry the murukkus in it till they turn golden brown in colour.

5 Store murukku in a container

Take an absorbent paper and drain the excess oil. Let it cool down a little and then, store it in an airtight container and have it whenever you like!

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