Adopting Blister Packaging

Blister packaging is probably handled everywhere and a jolly useful type of packaging it is too. The key features is that it is a a type of pre-formed plastic packaging which has a small cavity or volume for containing whatever product you care to package. The main benefits it that it is not prone to tampering and is theft resistant. Plenty of producers use blister packs to protect goods from the environment. You often see them containing all sorts of items in hardware stores.

The Blister Pack And What Is It ?

A Blister pack contains three key items. 

A blister card which is a piece of card used as backing that contains print. The inks are usually wax-free that allows an glue or adhesive to pass through the ink into the fibres of the card so that it sticks

The blister itself is a clear plastic mould that is available in many shapes and sizes. The plastic forms a cavity to hold the item which is then sealed onto the cardboard using heat, pressure or both.

The third and probably most important piece is the item being displayed !

Main Benefits

  • easy to use
  • child friendly and resistant too
  • relatively cheap to produce
  • consumer friendly
  • allows for effective display of the product
  • can be hung from pins and pegs for convenience and visual display. Many can be hung from the same peg at once.

Blister packaging is here to stay. There are some issues with it though. It is not amenable in its simplest forms to recycle save for the card and many of the plastic cavities end up littering the coastline.

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