A Recipe For Braised Cabbage, Smoked Bacon and Peas

sliced white cabbage for braised cabbage dishes
Photo by stanbalik,c/o Pixabay.

The humble cabbage is not as tedious or boring as we make out. It is one of the best and most delicious vegetables and it is one that can be eaten whatever the time of the year. Braised cabbage is a posher way of boiling it. It does seem to have a special place in the cuisine of many when we’re short of vegetables to grow and harvest in late autumn, winter and early spring. 

If you are interested we have an extensive section on growing this vegetable (Growing Cabbage) as we like to discuss types, growing conditions and so on – we just want you to really enjoy this vegetable. We think a variety like Savoy cabbage is ideal but varieties like Greyhound should always be considered too. Don’t dismiss kale including Cavolo Nero either because that is also a superb leaf.

You can cook cabbage on its own and there is nothing wrong with that. You do need a good boiling pan of salted water and to add the shredded cabbage to it which is then just cooked for a few minutes. Any longer and the air fills with something objectionable and the vegetable is overdone.

Braising is the method of choice for cabbage. Other chefs including Jamie Oliver have excellent recipes for this dish using smoked bacon and peas that elevate cabbage to the point of deliciousness. Check out the recipe book The Naked Chef (page 145 in the original) which tells you how to do it. he suggests using a range of greens from different cabbages and I bet other greens too just to add variety. The bacon and peas simply add extra depth.

Serve this braised cabbage with any roasted poultry including game especially pheasant. It would also work with a Christmas dinner and of course at Thanksgiving. I use the cabbage leaves to mop up the gravy.

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Braised Cabbage with Smoked Bacon And Peas

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