The Single Biggest Challenge In Implementing A Sustainability Process.

Sustainable processes are often poorly implemented for a number of reasons but the single biggest challenge is actually making it a core objective of the business rather than one which can be cast aside if other pressures, albeit financial and economic take over. To ensure a strong business buy-in to sustainability requires addressing a number of features of the project. A well-defined objective backed up with suitably clear and achievable goals should be demonstrated to all internally, to customers and to the wider public. Here, sustainability must be shown to be important enough and matter to the business.

A further element of embedding the sustainability project is to make decision making as easy as possible during implementation. It means choosing appropriate tools to monitor and evaluate the process. For example, an appropriate tool might be using a life cycle analysis when minimising waste over a product’s life cycle. Having embarked on such a project, communicating success to all without embellishment or making inaccurate promises becomes the final feature. The business must feel confident that it was correct to embark on sustainability and be comfortable with the environmental message it is trying to convey.

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