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Glutamine For Body Builders

October 22, 2012 smitsa 0

Glutamine (L-glutamine) is recognised as a very important ingredient, an amino acid, in the supplement armoury for the serious body builder and athlete. Whilst we […]

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Bayberry (Chinese Waxberry)

October 21, 2012 smitsa 1

The Chinese Waxberry or Bayberry (Myrica rubra Sieb. et Zucc. Family: Myricaceae) or Yangmei is a small evergreen tree found in much of south-east Asia and China that […]

Wood apple (kaitha)

Wood Apple (Kaitha)

October 15, 2012 smitsa 0

The wood apple (a.k.a. Kaitha) (Feronia limonia syn. F. elephantum, syn. Limonia acidissima L. Family: Rutaceae) is a thorny tree found in regions of Southern India, […]

Man with painful knee joint skeleton visible with red area marked

Devil’s Claw Extract

October 14, 2012 smitsa 0

Devil’s Claw Extract (Harpagophytum procumbens L.) comes from Southern Africa and is known as the ‘spear plant’ because of its structural shape which allows it […]

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Davana Oil

October 1, 2012 smitsa 0

Davana Oil (FEMA# 2359; CAS# 8016-03-3) is obtained by selective steam rectification of an essential oil from the plant Artemisia pallens (Walls ex. DC, Family: […]

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Quality Systems Accreditation

August 4, 2012 smitsa 0

Food manufacturers can obtain national/international accreditation by obtaining  a suitable quality standard. It helps when faced with rising competition, improving profit margins, meeting food safety […]

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Thiamine (Vitamin B1)

May 10, 2012 smitsa 1

Thiamin, thiamine or vitamin B1 was the first of the important B vitamins to be discovered, back in the 30s. It is an essential vitamin […]

Selenium, part of the Periodic Table. Atomic number 34.

Selenium In Human health

April 11, 2012 smitsa 0

♦ Selenium has a vital role to play human health, especially with the immune system and even in combating cancers. Selenium is an important nutritional […]

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Killing Fish For Food

April 10, 2012 smitsa 0

The preparation of fish for the market place, for culinary dishes, for any food product in fact places great reliance on the method of slaughter […]

Hawaiian island beach scene with a palm tree overlooking a fine sandy beach and some volcanic islands in the background.

Hawaiian Cuisine

March 1, 2012 smitsa 2

What is it about Hawaiian cuisine ? It had been the Sandwich Islands but that is not foodie reason.  The US state of Hawaii, a […]

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Escherichia coli O157:H7

February 23, 2012 smitsa 1

One of the main food safety issues concerns the rise of a bacteria which can damage kidneys and cause severe illness if not death. Escherichia […]