The 9Bar range offers the consumer a variety of lovely tasting bar products to be enjoyed as part of a varied and balanced diet, and a healthy lifestyle. This brand of healthy, nutritious bars which contain lots of good ingredients such as nuts and seeds, carob, chocolate, dried fruit like raspberries, apricot pieces and strawberries has become a Welsh icon. They come in a handy size. We love the variety and their are no nasties found in the ingredients. 

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The 9Bar range is produced by a Welsh success story. The original product was their ‘Original Carob Hit’ which offered something unique because carob was seen as an interesting alternative to chocolate especially where vegans and vegetarians were concerned. This first bar also offered a range of five mixed seeds which in their own right have healthy connotations – who isn’t interested in the various seeds oils and the fibre which comes from such ingredients ? These seeds range from crunchy pumpkin, sunflower and hemp to weeny tiny poppy and sesame seeds. A number of bars contain unique ingredients like chia seeds.

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