Why We Love Cadbury Creme Eggs

Creme eggs: A broken creme egg with the fondant icing oozing out of both ends. All on a white background.
Creme egg. Copyright: kellyschulz / 123RF Stock Photo

Cadbury Crème Eggs: We love them whether we know it or not. Is it because they have such a creamy and delicious taste ? Or is it because there is a danger in biting into them and  having the yellow and white goo drip all over the trousers ? 

Easter is coming and the eggs are getting fat please put more fondant into the mixing vat ! It’s that time of year when Cadbury crème eggs appear in the shops. They’ve been around for years, 46 years in fact and have enjoyed considerable success. Very few other chocolatiers have tried copying the fondant made to look like the yolk of an egg in a white cream, all in a thick milk chocolate shell.

For a marketing ploy, Cadbury’s opened a Crème Egg restaurant in London to celebrate all things egg – set menu, cocktails, toasted sandwich, almost a full breakfast.

One fish and chip shop, Simpsons in Cheltenham, which was voted the UK’s No. 1 takeaway in 2016 has deep fried these eggs and they look quite a sight. Check out their videos in the Girl vs. Goo series as its quite a splat.

Apparently, the marketing web-site states we eat about two-thirds (200 million) of all the eggs made in the United Kingdom alone. These eggs usually appear just after Christmas and by restricting their availability, create a frenzy bolstered by intensive advertising in time for Easter. Also suitable for vegetarians.

If you are keen to have your fill of such crème eggs, please click on the link below with our affiliate and take your fill. You can buy gift boxes which contain 48 eggs – they will be a real treat for anyone getting them. Please read our affiliate disclosure.

Cadbury Creme Eggs, Box of 48

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Nutrition Information

Cadbury Creme Egg, Box of 48. Nutrition information table.


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  1. We tried a creme egg cheesecake for our Easter dinner. I used a 9″ Springform tin instead of the one recommended on the web-site and then filled it. Never tasted anything better. I used a base of plain chocolate digestives although ginger biscuits do work. It is not a cheap dessert but worth looking out for the recipe web-sites. Tried the yellow colouring although its not really needed. Tastes lovely. My kids fought me to lick the spoon and the bowl.

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