Why FoodWrite Ltd ?

August 14, 2020 smitsa 1

Why FoodWrite Ltd ? Do you have a novel product you want to bring to market? Are you experiencing technical difficulties manufacturing your product? Do […]

Consumer Goods Forum, Global network, The Food Business Forum, retail, manufacture, service providers.

The Consumer Goods Forum

April 18, 2020 smitsa 0

The Consumer Goods Forum is an independent global parity-based Consumer Goods network. It brings together the CEOs and senior management of around 650 retailers, manufacturers, […]

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E. coli O26

March 1, 2020 smitsa 0

E.coli O26 might not be a word on everybody’s lips, it certainly isn’t a bacteria that we want inside us that’s for sure. This is […]

closeup of pencil eraser and black campylobacteriosis text. campylobacteriosis, vibriosis. pencil with eraser.

Campylobacter And Campylobacteriosis

January 17, 2020 smitsa 0

Bacterial human gastroenteritis  is a very unpleasant foodborne disease and it is a continuing global problem (Eideh and Al-Qadiri, 2011; Nichols et al., 2012; Bolton, 2015). It is […]

Candy in a jar. Some are using Allura Red and Tartrazine colouring.

Allura Red AC

April 15, 2019 smitsa 0

Quite often in US and European food formulations you will see a number of artificial colours. One in particular is Allura Red AC which is […]

Gloved hands of a microbiologist writing in their note book about the findings of a pour plate.


January 28, 2019 smitsa 0

Norovirus is one of the most contagious bugs anyone can catch, sweeping through nations and leaving anyone who is affected decidedly unwell. It is the […]

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The Food Standards Agency

November 19, 2018 smitsa 0

The Food Standards Agency in the United Kingdom was established on April 1st 2000. It functions to protect public health from risks which may arise […]